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An American journalist on assignment in the Australian outback encounters a man-eating crocodile while trapped on a rapidly flooding mud island.

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original title: Rogue

genge: Action,Adventure,Horror,Thriller


imdb: 6

duration: 1h 39min

tags: How Fast Can You Swim?

budget: AUD 26,900,000

keywords: wildlife, travel, crocodile, island, water, trapped, terror, river, escape, fear, trap, tourist, tide, writer, territory, flee, death, boat, australianhorror, tree, speedboat, englishmanabroad, travel






































An idyllic wildlife cruise disintegrates into terror when a party of tourists are stalked by a massive man-eating crocodile. Pete McKell, a cynical American travel writer, joins a disparate group of holiday-makers on a river cruise through the waters of Kakadu National Park. Initially Pete clashes with their tour captain, Kate, a feisty young woman who assumes he is just another 'city-slicker' in search of a quick thrill. After an uneventful day cruising the river, Kate is reluctantly persuaded to steer their boat into unexplored territory. They discover a secluded lake but terror strikes when their craft receives a powerful blow from beneath the murky depths and begins to sink. With little choice, she beaches the vessel on the closest dry land -a tiny mud island. With a rising tide and only half an hour of daylight left, fear grips the group as they realize they are trapped in the lair of a 'rogue' crocodile, governed only by its need to hunt and kill. Begrudgingly, Pete and Kate join forces to keep hysteria at bay and in the process start to see beyond their initial impressions. Their first attempt to escape fails, but then Pete has an idea - they must trap the crocodile to enable the group to flee to the other side of the island whilst Kate swims for help. Pete volunteers to stand guard, but without warning, the beast breaks free and targets Kate who fails to resurface. As darkness descends and the muddy waters rise, a terrifying struggle ensues with only one probable outcome death. An American journalist on assignment in the Australian outback encounters a man-eating crocodile while trapped on a rapidly flooding mud island. Found the movie most pleasing without preconceived hints or expectations of it's outcome or storyline. I appreciate how the end of the movie linked to the beginning. Enough said on the storyline- The actors are very real in character. This film was very well written and with a believable storyline. Has a, "Ghost in the Darkness", truth to it. Very convincing special effects (some of which I could not differentiate from reality) and an extremely compelling ending. Stay for the ending. There are several moments when you think you have the ending figured out but it just doesn't pan out that way. This one is for the library. Not another crocodile movie again, you might groan. I did too, as I wonder just how many killer shark and killer crocodile/alligator movies need to be made, before they finally die off. Not too long ago we had Primeval, which was a crocodile movie set in the African continent which had attempted to weave local politics into it. Here, it's set in the Northern Territories of Australia, and with such killer-reptilian movies, the more exaggerated the size and aggression of the animal, the better. So we have a seven metre long crocodile for the characters to contend with.

It's a simple set up, in which Radha Mitchell plays Kate Ryan, a river tour guide who pilots her own boat to ferry tourists down a river to experience the wild life, as well as learning little details such as them not getting themselves attacked by any crocs because their tour boats are larger, or so they would like the tourists to believe. That said, our monster in question took about 30 minutes before deciding to increase the pace and tension of the movie, by knocking up against the boat of our merry bunch when they respond to a distant distress signal.

It takes a while to get things moving because writer-director Greg McIean (Wolf Creek) had dedicated the earlier portion of the movie to get the audience chummy with the characters, before they become fodder for our hungry crocodile. And surprisingly, I have to say that Rogue Crocodile did work, despite it being a crocodile movie done countless of times over, and whose plot development we can see coming from a mile away. What probably worked in its favour, is that there aren't any gung-ho heroes in the story - no cops or natural crocodile dundees, but everyday folk like you and I, and we naturally would root for them as they try to escape their predicament.

And it looks like a typical episode from the television series Lost too. You have a makeshift island where our temporal inhabitants seek refuge from, though the tide's coming through to flood it in time, and with water comes natural territory for the crocodile to wade through. Communication devices aren't working and they're cut off from the rest of the world. So they can only rely on their own ingenuity, plans crafted with time working against them, if only they can get past their occasional bickering on what to do.

There are enough tension filled moments to excite you as this crocodile chomps without remorse, and it doesn't shy away from showing some gory bits, though the number of set action pieces are limited, and involves a little too much thrashing about by the roguish reptile which turns out to be not too smart, relying on plain brawn. Suitable for those lazy Sunday afternoons. On the DVD extras menu Greg McLean says that the film was inspired by stories of a large crocodile that had attacked people in the Northern Territories. The story and characters however have all been made up specifically for the film Surprisingly, the Unrated Version does not feature any more unrated-worthy material than the usual R-Rated version. One can speculate that the Unrated Version is the original Australian Version whereas the R-Rated Version was created especially for the US market and therefore several plotscenes were left out. Those scenes are featured in the Unrated aka. Australian Version.


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